Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 24-30 Autism Awareness Week

I made this basket up and have donated it to the South Central ASD they will be having a family fun night this weekend. I have a dear friend who's son suffers with this disorder and has been a customer of mine for several years. She phoned and asked if it was with in SU policy for her to donate some SU products that she had with a mixture of other company's products. Well I said why don't I make you a basket of SU products so here it is. Hope the recipient puts the goodies to good use...There is paper, stamps, and ink plus a few made up projects, cards, one of our wonderful bird bags and a lovely basket hope this helps their fund rasier.

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South Central ASD Families said...

Thank you for your wonderful donation! We are truely blessed to have friends like you!