Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some renovating

About a week ago my husband went for a walk, there was a store uptown that was closing and he went in. Well he came home to get me and the truck and we came home with four big card units. So today we got busy what as mess to get everything together. I had racks in this space in my stamp room so they were removed and this was put up. Then I had to fill it with stamps no problem there. I still have
more stamps but thought I did enough for now. The other two racks were put up where I do my workshops and I put cards on them that I hope to sell . I actually had a very large garbage bag full of things to finally get rid of when I was finished. I think I like the result..
the pictures aren't the greatest but you do get the idea of what we did. Thanks for stopping by.

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Liz Goldhawk said...

Very cool! I like how you can see the stamp sets without having to go through them, and the cards look beautiful displayed like that! Great find!