Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yard work

It has been a beautiful weekend and I actually got a bit of yard work done. I must admit Ray does most of it these days..I have been revamping the big flower bed added quite a few new perennials this spring and it is looking good. We have two big global cedars at the base of the deck. My job has always been to clip them and round them up. Well the deer have been making lunch out of most of the cedars the last few winters and we thought these were finished but I trimmed them up and think we will give them another chance. I have most of my swaps done for convention. The ones I signed up for are done so now I can just do general swaps. We leave one week tomorrow time is flying. Happy stamping!!!

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Anne Krashel said...

Those orange lilies with the purple are beautiful. What are they called?